music documentaries

Music Documentaries

Artist Title Duration
Bob Dylan Music in Review 50 mins
Bob Marley Music in Review 60 mins
Bruce Springsteen Videobiography 67 mins
Cream Total Rock Review 62 mins
David Bowie & the Spiders from Mars Total Rock Review 63 mins
Deep Purple Made in Japan 59 mins
Deep Purple Total Rock Review 60 mins
ELO Total Rock Review 60 mins
ELP Music in Review 63 mins
Elvis Presley The Rock & Roll Years 87 mins
Eric Clapton Music in Review 61 mins
Fleetwood Mac Videobiography 60 mins
Free Rock Review 80 mins
Genesis Rock Review 87 mins
Green Day Phenomenon 70 mins
Iron Maiden World’s Greatest Albums 51 mins
Judas Priest Music in Review 55 mins
Led Zeppelin Total Rock Review 77 mins
Lynard Skynard Rock Case Studies 60 mins
Marilyn Monroe The Life & Music Of.. 60 mins
Metallica Behind the Music 77 mins
Moody Blues Videobiography 51 mins
Motorhead The Bronze Era 61 mins
Nirvana The Ultimate Review 138 mins
Pink Floyd Rock Review 64 mins
Prodigy Music in Review 60 mins
Queen Rock Case Studies 70 mins
Rainbow Total Rock Review 114 mins
Ramones The True Story 77 mins
Sensational Alex Harvey Band Total Rock Review 73 mins
Status Quo Inside 1968-1991 67 mins
The Doors Total Rock Review 109 mins
The Kinks Life on the Road 70 mins
The Peter Green Story Man of the World 120 min & 30 min
The Police Regatta de Blanc 50 mins
The Rolling Stones Rock Case Studies 63 mins
UFO Videobiography 54 mins