The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler

The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler

3 x 60′ – Historical/Biographical/War/Documentary Series

Of all history’s major figures there are few names better known than that of Adolf Hitler, and sadly, for mankind, for all the wrong reasons.

Tracking the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler politically and then militarily, through the first half of the 20th Century is a fascinating exercise, and even from childhood, all the signs of a disturbed mind were there for all to see, if anyone had been in a position to look.

When HG Wells described the First World War as the war to end all wars, there was little to suggest he was mistaken, but the reaction of this Austrian born, German patriot, was beyond anything that a rational mind could ever have imagined. After being injured in WW1 fighting for Germany, Hitler felt betrayed by the government’s surrender and insulted by the Treaty of Versailles, removing all power from his adopted homeland, and he took it upon himself to restore and re-build a new German Empire.

How Adolf Hitler achieved his dream proves beyond all doubt that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and his story is a lesson to each new generation, which if learnt from, will make the world a much safer place to be.

“The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler” is an insightful view of the events that shaped the 20th Century, and the dangerous obsession of one man who made an indelible mark on history.

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