Ride On The Wild Side

6 x 60′ – Motorcycle Documentary Series

This informative documentary series documents the building and history of legendary bikes. The series explores rides from all over the world, including the USA’s Harley Davidson, Japan’s Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki, and the UK’s Triumph.

 Ride On The Wild Side – Harley-Davidson 1 x 55′

There can be no question that when it comes to the world’s most famous motorcycle brand one name grunts and rumbles above all others – Harley-Davidson. With their distinctive styling and truly magnificent, instantly recognisable sound, Harley-Davidsons are the motorcycles dreams are made of. From Fat Boys and Super Gliders to Road Kings and Sportsters, there really is a Harley for everyone. Enjoy an entertaining insight into a true legend of the road and discover the heart and soul of the ‘Hog’.

Ride On The Wild Side – Honda 1 x 55′

True to Honda’s slogan “The Power Of Dreams”, the Japanese auto manufacturing giant was built on the inspiration and passion of Mr Soichiro Honda. His innovative products began a journey which has taken Honda to the forefront of motorcycle design and helped them create some of the most desirable machines on the road. From the small but impressive Honda 50 to the legendary Gold Wing, the Honda range of motorcycles promises a perfect bike no matter what your requirements.

Ride On The Wild Side – Suzuki 1 x 55′

For motorcyclists the whole world over there is little to compare with the exhilaration of the open road. Of all the great Japanese motorcycles, the Suzuki name has always been synonymous with style and power, and from the classics of the 1970s right through to the groundbreaking monsters of today Suzuki can always be guaranteed to be an eye-catching ride. In this programme we examine some of the bikes in the Suzuki range and discover just what these machines are capable of!

Ride On The Wild Side – Yamaha 1 x 55′

Although a late starter in the industry, Yamaha have more than made up for lost time by becoming one of the world leaders in motorcycle manufacturing. From its first simple designs of 1954 to the two-wheeled monsters of today, the Yamaha range offers machines for all types of riders looking for all types of full-throttle experiences. The Virago, XJR1300 and R1 bikes are just a few of their most iconic models and are all examined in this fascinating documentary.

Ride On The Wild Side – Kawasaki 1 x 55′

When it comes to 21st Century motorcycles the image of a sleek lime green or equally vibrantly coloured machine is generally considered to be the hallmark of Kawasaki. Guaranteed to turn heads and give riders state of the art engineering and high-speed performance, these bikes add spice to the most mundane journey. From 250cc machines right through the range to the powerful 1000cc plus models, this programme takes a close look at some of Kawasaki’s most sort after motorcycles.

Ride On The Wild Side – Triumph 1 x 55′

If you’re looking for a name that evokes nostalgic memories of open roads, oil-covered faces and solid workmanship, you need go no further than Triumph. The epitome of British racing heritage, Triumph motorcycles began rolling off the production line in 1902 and over the past century have not only moved with the times but also pushed the boundaries of the future. The Speed Triple, Bonneville, Thruxton 900 and Daytona are just a selection of the bikes put through their paces.

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