Rapmania – The Roots of Rap

Rapmania – The Roots of Rap

1 x 150′ – Concert

One of the historic concerts of its time, Rap Mania – The Roots of Rap brought together 23 of the biggest artists in old school hip-hop, from the Sugarhill Gang to Kurtis Blow, Run DMC to L.L. Cool J.

Recorded live simultaneously at New York’s Apollo Theater and The Palace in Los Angeles, this pay-per-view event concludes with the greatest rap session of all time, as Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel and others come together for the night’s final performance.

Now, you can own a piece of history with this incredible DVD of the most influential, classic hip-hop performances of all time such as Rapper’s Delight, Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em, So Whatcha Sayin, Jingling Baby, Bust A Move, The Gas Face, Just A Friend and many, many more!

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