Chicken Stew – Tales from the Salted-Egg Temple

Chicken Stew – Tales from the Salted-Egg Temple

78 X 14’ – Kung Fu/Comedy /Adventure series

A Comedy but More; a Kung Fu Series with Ancient Wisdom!

Mission impossible? Well, they will make it possible!

After their round-the-world odyssey in Chicken Stew, Uncle Wattles and Free Range begin a brand new chapter of their colorful lives in a mysterious martial-arts community-the Salted-Egg Temple. This time Free Range and his fellow trainees shoulder a sacred mission- to protect the legacy of a great Kung Fu Master, an ancient “salted-egg” from being taken away by the evil power.

Under the leading of their master Uncle Wattles, Free Range and his fellows are ready to carry this task till the end of the day!

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