Boonie Bears in Four Seasons

Boonie Bears in Four Seasons

206 x 13′ – 3D Adventure/Comedy Series – NEW FOR 2016!!

Boonie Bears is a 3D animated TV series about friendship and love for nature.

Here is a sneak peek at the new series which is made up of 206 episodes split into four sections based on the four seasons: Boonie Bears: Spring into Action, Boonie Bears: Sunsational Summer, Boonie Bears: Autumn Awesomeness, and Boonie Bears: Snow Daze.

Boonie Bears: Spring into Action 50×13’- Action Comedy Ages 4-12
Bears: Sunsational Summer 52×13’- Action Comedy Ages 4-12
Boonie Bears: Autumn Awesomeness 52×13’- Action Comedy Ages 4-12
Boonie Bears: Snow Daze 52×13’- Action Comedy Ages 4-12

A new series of the hugely popular animation Boonie Bears awaits you. What fun antics will happen between the adorable bear brothers and silly Logger Vick this time? Will the animals be able to protect their forest home?

In the spring episodes you can feast your eyes on the blossoming flowers and be entertained by a dancing contest; in the summer episodes, you can go on a fun-packed adventure with the characters to explore the deep ocean; in the autumn episodes, you can do some fruit harvesting with the lovable animals; and in the winter episodes, you get to relive your favourite childhood memories as the bears frolic around in the snow having snowball fights and dabble in some ice fishing.

With plenty of laughs and heartwarming moments, the new Boonie Bears series will be sure to make you smile continually throughout the year! So what are you waiting for? Let the fun begin!

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