Back to the Wild

Back to the Wild

104 x 13’ – Preschool Adventure

Deep inside the dangerous and savage jungle

Roams a pampered panda from the modern world

Straight from zoo to the jungle he flew

Searching for something that he once knew

As a jungle adventure series, Back to the Wild focuses on the experiences of a panda named Pambo, who is accidentally brought to a mysterious and dangerous jungle along with his friend, a flying squirrel Ricky.

It highlights the contrast between their modern living style and the life in the unknown mysterious jungle, as well as their frictions and conflicts with the native jungle inhabitants, which, in the end, all lead to understanding and friendship.

Besides portraying a full shot of life in the jungle, it spreads throughout the show a relaxing and heartening atmosphere, while all the more extolling the spirit of adventure and optimism.

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