Digital Distribution Simplified





Simple Steps to Reach Your Audience


WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION FOR A LOW ENCODING FEE – Inexpensive, one-off encoding fee, ensuring simultaneous release in up to 6 major English speaking territories on iTunes (US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand). For an additional charge you can release in all of the remaining territories.

MINIMISE THE RELEASE CHAIN – No need to hire a distributor, who then hires an aggregator, who then uses an encoding house to release the movie on the platform. Work with us directly and see higher returns.

ONE SUBMISSION = MULTIPLE PLATFORMS – You only have to submit your movie once and you can choose as many platforms as you want. We are currently working with iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Hulu, Netflix, Playstation Network, Vimeo, Xbox One and adding more platforms shortly.

THE MOST FAVORABLE PLACEMENTS – Our low distribution fee gives us a stake in the game. This means that we’re more involved as your partner and push for the most favorable placement possible across all storefronts. We also share in the risk, as your upfront encoding cost is greatly reduced.

CENTRALIZED SALES REPORTING & MONTHLY PAYMENTS – As the revenue comes flooding in, so do the sales reports. Every month you will receive a report from us outlining your sales revenue in an easy to understand form. Your revenue will be sent to you within 30 days from the previous month.

FREE STORAGE – We will store your digitized film assets (e.g. your film, trailers, posters, closed captions and more) for free in our secure cloud based system. If you ever need to deliver a specific version of your movie to a different outlet (e.g. broadcaster, distributor or airline), then these outlets can simply place an order through We Are Indee.