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About Us

We Are Indee (WAI) is a fast-growing, forward-thinking, vertically-integrated global content production, sales, marketing and distribution agency, based in  UK and Hungary, with partners in the UK, Hungary, North America and China.

Our many activities include motion picture and television programme sales, as well as in-house digital distribution, content aggregation, music licensing, marketing and a wide variety of production and film location services.

We specialize in feature films, documentaries, animation, TV series and concerts and strive to give global audiences what they yearn for and what they can relate to, but also exciting new material that they may not have considered, but can quickly fall in love with.

It is often said that “Content is king” and to some degree, that is very true. However, we firmly believe that with all the will in the world, content can amount to nothing, without the care, attention and appreciation of the audience you are targeting.

Our company ethos is based on high efficiency, openness and effectiveness. We have adjusted with the fast-changing landscape that has affected production and distribution, to ensure growth and sustainability.

We aim to fully maximise revenues for our content providers, whilst providing our buyers with content that delivers results.  Those results are what drive us forward, so getting the right content for our buyers is of the utmost importance.

Whether you are a filmmaker/content owner looking for representation to a global audience, or a media buyer looking for engaging content that will garner the results you need for your audience, we look forward to discussing how we can cater to your needs.